Master Massage Massage Table Warmer

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Master Massage Massage Table Warmer Description

Product Description Our Massage Table Warmer is the most safe, powerful and long-lasting table warmer on the market. Unlike any other table warmer, ours features exclusive Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) Safe warming cables – some studies have shown a link between Cancer and the radiation from products such as heating blankets and heating pads. If Cancer is a concern of yours then please know that this is the ONLY EMR SAFE warming pad on the market! Other features you’ll appreciate are that it’s machine washable and has large adjustable straps so it stays tidy on any table. It also provides multi-level warmth control to easily accommodate various customer preferences. The 4-Hour safety shut off provides the peace of mind you need to focus on your therapy session. Overall, this table warmer is the one that will keep your clients happy and coming back. It’s a high-end, safe, long lasting investment from MASTER Massage. The Master Massage Table Warming Massage Pad keeps you comfortably warm while your receive a therapeutic massage. This pad can be used at home, but it is also a perfect addition to any professional massage therapy practice. The warming pad creates a cozy environment for added relaxation during any session. And with the elastic straps, the pad stays snuggly in place even during a rigorous massage. This warming pad is 68 x 26 inches (LxW) and fits most massage tables.

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